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Allied Ends Up Feeling Like Solely Robert Zemeckis’s Film

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard’s new World War II romantic thriller, Allied may be believed by tabloid gossipers and paparazzi as a movie so passionate

Suicide Squad: Excitement and Expectation Drowned in the Pool...

Let’s face it- we were hugely disappointed by Suicide Squad, almost as much as we were by Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

A Review of Mirziya: A Warm Hearted Portrayal of...

A lot of factors combined to raise our expectations from the movie Mirziya. With a direction by Rakesh Omprakash Mehra and a screenplay by Gulzar,

Best Animated Superhero Movies Which Are Based on Comics

We’ve all wanted to be superheroes as children. I remember putting on a towel...

ComeAndGo: Commando 2 Review

The cinema world is hugely obsessed with the sequels of some excellent movies. Unfortunately,...

Stranger Things on Netflix is an Enjoyable Homage to...

Within 24 hours of all eight episodes of Stranger Things being made available on Netflix, the show was already trending

Bollywood Fights that Went So Viral!

Some misplaced words, a deliberate attempt or genuine intent to create a controversy, Bollywood...

BEFIKRE:Loveless rom-com

Last week filmy Friday marked the much awaited comeback of Aditya Chopra with his rom-com ‘Befikre’, after a hiatus of eight years. But was the excitement of watching this man’s direction on big screens worth it?

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