After her breakout role in Bridesmaids in 2011, Pitch Perfect was the franchise that helped cement Rebel Wilson as a Hollywood star. The latest hype around the series comes just days after Rebel Wilson won a defamation lawsuit against tabloid publisher Bauer Media, who she said had hurt her career.

Australian actress Rebel Wilson has won a defamation case over a series of magazine articles which she claimed ruined her career after a bizarre three-week trial. She was suing over eight articles which accused her of inventing her backstory to “make it in Hollywood”. Though Bauer Media always denied the articles were defamatory but the six-woman jury sided unanimously in favour of Ms Wilson.

She claimed that eight articles published by Bauer magazine in 2015 had portrayed her as a serial liar, and that this resulted in her being sacked from two feature films. Ms Wilson said she was compelled to take action because of the "disgusting and disgraceful" conduct by the tabloid media.

Finally, after winning the defamation case, all that Rebel Wilson wants is a “perfect blockbuster hit” and there could be no movie better than Pitch Perfect 3 to start with. The actor stole the show in the first two installments from her acapella Bellas as Australian student Fat Amy.

By now, every Pitch Perfect fan worth their salt has heard the joyous news that Pitch Perfect 3 has a release date and even better, is the comeback of Rebel and Anny. Your favorite a cappella singers, the Barden Bellas, will be back with all the old familiar faces. The teaser trailer only gives us a taste of what’s to come — a very, very small taste.

After graduating from college in the previous film, the acapella singing champions are out in the real world trying to make something of them in the final part of trilogy. But now, they'll reunite for their farewell tour, and it's going to be aca-mazing. This trailer sees the Bellas go international for a tour entertaining the troops.This installment, believe it or not, looks like it could even have a bit of a bit of action scenes featuring at least one explosion and Rebel Wilson's Fat Amy making an epic life boat dive.

In the recently launched trailer of Pitch Perfect3, it shows the singers struggling to succeed in their post-college careers. Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) is seen busking as an Amy Winehouse impersonator, while her room-mate Beca (Anna Kendrick) has just quit her job. Flo is serving overpriced smoothies while Chloe has her hand up a cow's behind and crossing her fingers hoping she'll get into veterinary school. Seems like job prospects aren’t good for the Bellas!!

The first trailer for Pitch Perfect 3 is unashamedly wonderful. Pitch Perfect trailer hints at some serious laughs to be had. It's a totally joyful trailer, which is probably what a lot of us need right now. Pitch Perfect 3 is coming on December 22 and much like you we are waiting on pins and needles. We can’t wait to see the Bellas back together for more performances!



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