With Spider-Man Homecoming already in the screens, I think it’s time to revisit the Marvel franchise and speak about the important stuff like cameos and origins. It has already been proven that the movies happen on merging universes.

In fact, I daresay that most of the movies happen in the same universe. We know for a fact that Iron Man movies, Captain America movies, and the Avengers movies happen in the same universe. Ever since Civil War came out, it has become clear that the Spider-Man movies can be added to that list too. You know what this means, don’t you? It means that something big is about to come down.

We can expect the next Avengers movie to be bigger and better that their previous ones. Now that we’ve delved into this area, let us take a moment to see how beautifully in sync all the movies are. I take the following example to back my claims. Let us go back to Iron Man 2. No, I’m not trying to make your life painful. Just stick with me for a moment.

For all those people who could actually watch the film till the end, you’ll remember that there’s a big fight that’ll go down at the Stark Expo. During that fight, one of those drone thingies, which are being controlled by Ivan Vanko aims its gun at a kid who is dressed up as Iron Man. Now this kid, with all his courage, puts up his arm and fires his pretend canon when all of a sudden Iron Man swoops in and saves the day. Now apart from being a heroic moment in the film, this scene has a larger significance in the franchise.

Tom Holland confirms that this kid was in fact Peter Parker! Can you believe it? This means that Peter Parker was in the franchise long before Civil War even came out. I think that this scene can open up doors to fresh perspectives to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. I think, this is where Peter develops respect for Iron Man. This scene right here is probably where Peter Parker thought to himself, “Hmmm. It’d be cool to be a superhero.”


This could also mean something deeper. This could mean that Peter Parker was already a superhero at that point. I mean, he might not have had his powers by then, but he was a hero at heart. He didn’t let the machine scare him to submission, he instead stood his ground and tried to fight off the big bad robot. This paves way to a better understanding of Peter Parker’s character. For me, this is where his “Stark Internship” began. You know what? I’m going to watch all the movies once again and hunt for moments like this. Until then, this’ll have to do.



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