Everyone enjoys the occasional action film. It doesn’t take much to enjoy one. Screen one on your TV, sit back, pop a cold one, and let the movie work its magic on you. But, for an action movie to be enjoyable, it takes much more: properly timed and choreographed fight scenes, intermittent bursts of drama, and an overall plot that does not fail to grip you. Fortunately for us, there are a quite a few action movies that do not fail to pump us all up. And here is a list of my favourite ones.

1. Terminator 2: The Judgement Day

This is, in my opinion, is one of the greatest action movies ever made. What does this movie not have? A buff protagonist who’s an intelligent robot. Fight scenes that would get even the most unenthused guy cheering, and an absolutely intriguing plot.

2. John Wick

Apart from Keanu Reeves, and his extremely cool charisma, John Wick has one more thing going for it. And that is its killer story. It has revenge, tragedy, and a flashback that would make us fall in love with the hero.

3. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

In fact, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the entire Mission Impossible series were on this list. But, Ghost Protocol takes the cake here. An awesome story with awesome characters based in an awesome city. And to top it all that off, insane stunts with unbelievable gadgets.

4. Blade

The daywalker, as the hero in Blade is called, is a half-human and a half-vampire. And this is not a part of those embarrassing vampire movies (You know which movies I’m talking about). This movie introduces us to a whole new level of action and fantasy.

5. Gladiator

I get goosebumps every time I watch Gladiator. I can’t quite put a finger on my favourite part of the film. Everything’s just so awesome that it’s difficult to pick just one. Maximus Decimus Meridius, as the hero’s called, takes up the life of a gladiator owing to unforeseen events. And Maximus’s monologue is what takes the movie to a whole new level. And I’m not even mentioning the sword fighting scenes here.

6. Bad Boys 2

This movie packs in a lot of drug busting, care chasing, gun fighting action and jams it all up with layers of dark humour. The story of two police officers, who cause collateral damage on every mission they’re assigned to, is just too damn good to miss.

7. The A-Team

The much hyped up A-team stays true to it’s promise of some action-packed goodness. A theatrical and stunt filled plot that draws a little too close to fantasy is the most “explosive” action movies of all times. This movie too packs in some killer feature points to make it worth the watch.

8. Die Hard

I just couldn’t pick one Die Hard movie from the series. The entire series is just so damn good. Featuring Bruce Willis in the iconic character of John McClane, the series takes us through several installments of action filled goodness. And each installment introduces to a whole new plot line. Hacking in one, hostage situation in the other, and a nuclear meltdown in the latest one.

9. Edge of Tomorrow

This is a tough one. Not in the sense that it doesn’t have many action sequences, because it does. But the point is, it has the same action sequence over and over again. Well, that’s the plot of the movie. Combining action sequences and fantasy to produce this masterpiece, Edge of Tomorrow is definitely one the best action movies ever made.

10.The Dark Knight

Okay, I won’t be able to forgive myself if I didn’t include at least one Batman film in this list. And what better than the greatest Batman movie ever made? The Dark Knight makes the cut because of Joker and maniac villainy. The movie’s dark, scary, and optimistic in the sense that it leaves you with a fresh hope for humanity.



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