I’m feeling particularly nostalgic today. I was watching TV yesterday night and I found myself reminiscing about those golden days of Indian Television. The serials had content and the sitcoms had humour in them. When I put them in contrast with the TV shows I get to watch today, I feel that some of our best days are behind us; in one aspect or the other. You remember those sitcoms like Office Office and Khichdi? Because I do. And I think about them whenever I put shows of today in contrast with them.

In Office Office, we had Patel and Tina and Musaddilal. If you don’t remember the show, it was about the struggles of a man trying to get work done in a corrupt system. The content was relevant that day and was a satirical take on the system those days. It was aired in 2001 and had a good run. People took to it instantly and fell in love with the show. The show garnered high ratings and was lauded with positive accolades from the audience all across the country.

'Office Office'
'Office Office'


Khichdi was a 2002 sitcom. It was too appreciated widely because of the relatable issues it discusses and the unique ways in which the Parekhs tackle them. It has a humorous take on the Indian joint family system. The Parekhs are a joint family living in an ancestral family. They all want to split up and form small families on their own, but they do not want to let up on their claim on their ancestral home. The audience loved the show! They did not experience anything like it. The humour was dry and often subtle, but the audience loved what they were seeing.

Office Office and Khichdi were easily one of the most sitcoms in the early 2000s. Now that they’re no longer being aired, we can ask the question as to whether they should come back or not. While I love the show, I’m always skeptical about a sequel or a spin-off. I often find that the sequel or the spin-off steals from the glory of the original and does not add value to the franchise. Add to that the drastic failures that were “Chala Mussaddi...Office Office” and “Khichdi: The Movie”.

I’m not really enthused about the idea of a relaunch or a return of the show. But, it’s not that every sequel or a relaunch fails. There are some really good sequels that added to the value of their franchises. And what if these relaunches are one of those additions? Take, for example Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai Take 2. The first few episodes show promise. It’ll be really awesome if something like that could come up for these sitcoms. So let’s see. Whatever happens, I really wish content like that could come up again.



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